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  • Trust your smile with emergency dental care in Los Angeles

    Whether you are suffering from a severe pain of your gum or severe injury of your teeth or from a chipped teeth and don't know what exactly to do, then just a call to Dr. Arash could give you one stop solution for all your Emergency Dental Care. If you are  living in Los Angeles means, you are having access to Doctor Arash emergency team virtually at any time 24*7. If you have a dental emergency, just make a call to and get an instant appointment to solve your dental issues.

    If you have any dental problems, Doctor Arash Emergency Dental Care is the name you can trust as they are one of the best dental hospitals in Los Angeles. Equipped with cutting edge equipments at the bench of highly-skilled Delta Dentists, Doctor Arash Dental Clinics will solve all of your dental issues right from laser dentistry, root canal, Delta Dentist, Emergency Dentistry, braces and Cosmetic Dentistry. In fact, they are one of the best for Dental Implants in Los Angeles.

    Dr. ArashHakhamian is a doctor and widely recognized doctor of dental care in Los Angeles who dedicated most of his energy and time in carrying out his patients and in guiding the dentists about the clinical advanced techniques. Best of all, he provides best and outstanding dentistry to his patients internationally and locally. He also serves as a teacher as well as consultant to the present generation dentists on let them to know how to enhance the standards and  of their dental practices to provide better serve to the patients. Doctor Arash also provide Emergency Dentistry outside of his dental office and after hours also.

    Dr. Arash is aware of the fact that most of the dentists in Los Angeles do not work in weekends and nights and that a dental emergency can occur at any moment for the patients. Most of the people suffer through the night because of toothache or they may  end up in the emergency room to get the oral care. Whether it is a matter unforeseen emergency or privacy, Dr. Arash clinic is fully equipped and he is capable of making house calls with less than 12 hours of notice.


    Doctor Arash is also famous for his Cosmetic Dentistry services in Los Angeles. Have you ever

    surprised what a life-changing and best smile makeover would probably look like? At Doctor Arash clinic, they clearly understand how vital your smile is to you, and how much it could impact the outlook and confidence of your personality. A Smile makeover can be a life-changing for the person. So Dr. Arash dental care clearly understand the responsibility they have towards their patients and their emotional as well as physical well-being. With their professional team along with their wide range of services, they would provide their patients with top-notch care in Los Angeles. Their main mission is to build the lifetime relationships with the patients, committed to providing each patient with a personalized and top-notch experience.


    Since its establishment, Dr. Arash Emergency Dental Care has been striving to redefine the dentistry expertisation to one that is comfortable innovative , and always based on building friendly and lasting relationships with the patients. This Emergency Dental clinic staff had an attractive wide array of technical skills and knowledge to all the aspects associated with patient care. They communicate and also convey the safe treatment options to their patients. The surgeons at this dental care keep the patients at comfort by responding in perfect way to all their questions, throughout the surgical procedures. The scheduling with this dental care is also very easy, even while dealing with the busy patients. In total, this dental care centre provide an outstanding care all the time by continuously monitoring and updating individual patient progress and outcomes.

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